Top 10 Party Theme Ideas

Themed parties are a lot of fun! They also help to unify everything from the food to the decor. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the most exciting party theme ideas.

Dancing Through The Decades: 70s, 80s, 90s

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to dress up? Choose an era and use this to inspire your party. You could have a 90’s pop theme, 80’s retro theme, and 70’s disco theme.

Movie Theme: Grease, James Bond, Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland, Cinderella, Dr Who

Movie themes work really well, especially when you go for one of the classics. An Alice in Wonderland party is a classic story theme that can be wrapped in a bow of white, blue, and red drapes. You can add a large clock, giant mushrooms, playing cards, jam tarts, Mad Hatters glittery sign, and large rose trees. Or, what about Bond? You can cloth white, red, and black drapes, as well as decorating with casino signs, bond flats, playing cards, Martini glasses, bullion bars, gold glitter bond ladies, and a gun barrel backdrop.


Another exciting party theme is a circus theme. Think helter-skelta, funfair signs, balloon clusters, and ringmaster mannequins. You can also have a trapeze and net, as well as a giant magicians hat and wand, bunting, festoon, acrobat flats, and lions in cages!

Club/Festival Theme

Everyone has fun while they are at a festival, so why not bring this sort of feel to your next party? This can be more of a casual and rustic affair in terms of catering and decor.


Fans of sport are going to be happy with a sports-themed party. You can look for different ways to incorporate sports into the event. For example, you could have a mini-golf course going on for the attendees to get involved in.

Masquerade Ball

If you are looking for more of a sophisticated atmosphere, a masquerade ball never fails. You can make the most of candles, decor, and other atmospheric touches. A formal dress code is a must, creating a classy affair. Consider gold birdcages with masked heads, gold ornate frames, gold glitter garlands, Roman pillars, gold beads, small and large feather fans, and assorted masks.


Who doesn’t smile when they think about Disney? You can take inspiration from a specific film or you can add in elements of different Disney classics. The Lion King is a cool film to take as your inspiration, with African decor and a lot of greenery incorporated.


The cosplay community is thriving. Parties can incorporate any character from a film, book, or video game. Alternatively, you could base the party on a specific film, book, or video game.


There is so much scope for decor inspiration when it comes to a Vegas theme. From dollar signs to slot machines to chips; you can have a lot of fun when working with this direction.

Winter Wonderland

Finally, Winter Wonderland is a beautiful party theme, with white, silver, and ice blue creating a stunning colour palette. Add touches such as an ice bar and ice sculptures.

Begin Your Party Planning Today

Hopefully, you liked these themed party suggestions and they’ve sparked your imagination for your upcoming event. If you’re looking for suppliers to help bring your ideas to life, begin your search for a party supplier on the Party UK website.