Wedding Magician

In recent years magic has become one of the most fashionable and creative ways to bring live entertainment to your wedding.

And with my fun, enthusiastic & professional style I will weave seamlessly into the fabric of your day creating an air of excitement in the room. 

Ideal at weddings where guests may not have seen each other for a while or to simply bring a fun and sophisticated spin to the proceedings.

Every wedding is unique and so you may need me at different points in your day. From your drink’s reception, wedding breakfast or evening entertainment I will help you plan the best entertainment for your wedding.

Afternoon Reception – The photographs are traditionally taken immediately after the ceremony. Many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos and this is the ideal time for me to provide some wondrous displays of magical enlightenment to keep everybody thoroughly entertained until the food is served.

Wedding Breakfast – When you have a lot of people sitting down for the wedding breakfast at the same time, it can sometimes feel like quite a wait for those on the last few tables to be served. Table magic is the perfect choice of entertainment here and a good distraction for people instead of spending their time wistfully looking at other tables tucking into their delicious food, they can enjoy their own exclusive magic show and won’t mind the wait. I will coordinate with the staff to find out which order the tables will be served in, so I can start performing at the ones that will have to wait for the longest.

Evening Party – After a big meal, speeches and a ‘few’ drinks your guests start to slow down a little and with evening guests arriving we need to get this party started! Cue, Sam Fitton, wedding magician extraordinaire! 

Bringing much needed energy into the room with my endless enthusiasm and ‘jaw-dropping’ magic I’ll have guests off their seats cheering, clapping and wanting to see more. Then your evening guests arrive and see all your day guests having a great time and this sets the perfect tone for an amazing evening party. 

Evening performances are becoming increasingly popular as more and more couples look to plan one hell of a wedding party so get in touch as soon as possible to secure your date. 

Party Magician

My magic can go a long way to enhancing the experience for your guests. Perhaps you are hosting a drink’s reception or celebrating with a birthday or anniversary party – whatever your event, I can help elevate it. Wherever and whatever the party or special event – in your garden, marquee or even your living room. My contemporary and versatile performance will ensure your events are an outstanding success.

Birthdays – For those looking for a classy celebration with a twist, I can perform close-up magic around the tables or at a drink’s reception. Whether it’s your 18th, 21st, 30th 40th or 50th. My magic is perfect for guests of all ages. My astonishing tricks and unique charm are guaranteed to get your guests talking and remember your event forever.

Anniversaries – My unique close-up magic is the perfect addition to your anniversary celebration. Whether you’re renewing your vows, having a small get-together or a full blown diamond anniversary, I can perform classy effects to astound your guests.

Bar-Mitzvah’s – Bar Mitzvah magic is ideal for both the young adults and adults alike and the magical entertainment can be split in a manner chosen by yourself.

Most importantly of course I entertain your guests as well as the important bar or bat mitzvah person and his/her friends.

Bar/Restaurant – Perhaps you run a bar or restaurant and want to add a side order of magic to your menu. I can help you elevate the experience of your customers, helping to ensure increased satisfaction and future business. Being entirely self-contained I require no special facilities or performance area and deliver a uniquely personal and memorable experience for everybody I perform for.


Hiring a Magician for a Corporate event is a fast-track way to ensure that people will remember and talk about it for months after. Delivering mind-blowing magic to your guests, I can instantly create an atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and bewilderment.

Business Event – I can bring wonder and excitement to your staff and clients. Whether you are hosting an intimate cocktail reception or a rowdy Christmas party for the workforce, my magic will ensure your night is something people will talk about for months after. I can help break the ice at the start of the evening, keep the event upbeat by filling the gaps in the schedule and whip your guests up into the party mood!

Christmas Party – Christmas is the time of year to have as much fun as possible, let your hair down and get the festivities started, whether it is an office Christmas party, private party with friends & family or a big corporate event, magic is the perfect form of entertainment to bring friends, family and colleagues together. I can provide magic to suit any event right up until Christmas and of course for New Year too!