We offer camper van and mobile bar services for weddings and events, including pre-paid bar options.

Kombi Keg presents an exceptional Split Screen Camper van bar, providing an impressive selection of six taps for dispensing a wide variety of drinks. From beers and wines to spirits, cocktails, and soft drinks, our camper van bar offers a delightful array of options to suit every taste.

For weddings and events, our unique camper van bar adds an element of class and style, creating a memorable atmosphere. We offer a range of beverages, including keg beer, cider, Prosecco, cocktails, spirits, and soft drinks, ensuring that your guests have plenty of choices to enjoy.

In addition to the beverage offerings, our camper van bar features a roof-mounted 55-inch television, allowing you to showcase TV shows, photos, videos, menus, or even display corporate logos, adding an extra touch of personalisation and entertainment to your event.

If space is a constraint, we also provide a selection of stylish mobile bars, each equipped with a self-contained chiller system and six beer taps. You have the option to pour your own pints or request the assistance of our trained bar staff.

We offer various packages tailored to weddings, events, birthday parties, festivals, and corporate events, ensuring that we can accommodate your specific needs and requirements. If you are outside the UK, we invite you to visit our webpage to locate a Kombi Keg Camper van in your country, ensuring that you can experience the Kombi Keg charm wherever you are.